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What is an API Portal?

An API Portal allows your organization to join the API Economy by exposing your APIs as Products, allowing your customers to browse and consume API Products, and onboarding developers to get secure access to your APIs, along with instructions on how to use them.

The API Portal is essentially a two-sided marketplace, with API Providers on one side, and API Consumers on the other, whereby you are the primary API provider. In many cases, the customer of the API Product is also a Developer, but this is not always the case. A customer may also be a non-technical person, in this case, they are responsible for the decision to use the API, however, a developer is always needed to work with the API on behalf of the customer.

API Portals often appear on the developer. or developers. subdomain, for example,, although there is a trend toward using digital., as this is more inclusive of all user roles e.g.

API Portals are also known as API Developer Portals or Developer Portals.